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Welcome to Boy Pissing, the boys pee kingdom!

Are you ready to get closer to pee-obsessed boys from the hood than any time before? Join our boys (who have never been on camera, by the way) in their secret to the park and into the woods where they can shed their clothes and start the pee extravaganza they dream about all day. You don’t wanna miss it!

Boy Pissing lets you get close and personal with 100% real next door boys exploring the eroticism of peeing. Our genuine 1080p HD videos bring their yummy sprinkling shafts right to your screen!

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Bad boy plays with his toy

Martin is one of those guys that other people usually call bad boys. If we try to understand why, we'll never know. He is an average boy, like me and you. Maybe it's because he likes to pee in the park? Well, maybe. Some people just can't stand it. Ah, what a fools! They just don't understand how charming it is - to pee in the park, with all that green bushes and trees around you. He usually pees with a strong spurt and then goes to the lake in the park where he can jump in the calm clear water and wash himself a little bit. After it he likes to swim around searching for the next place to piss at. Is it bad? No! But if you want to call Marting bad, you can do it, he won't be angry. So, it's a bad boy peeing video. Watch it and enjoy.

Boys with full bladders get kinky in the woods!

Free-spirited and willing to explore, these boys escape into the wild to get all wet and nasty. Follow our never before filmed twinkies on their journeys into the land of erotic peeing. Boy it’s going to get wet in those woods! Plunge into delicious amateur twink watersports action right here, right now!

You simply can’t miss all our natural twink playthings fooling around with their sprinkling hoses. You won’t be able to resist the intense eroticism of their first time discoveries. Start watching right now!

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Urine of the champions

Mmm, don't miss a chance to voyeur some pissing action. I don't know how about you, but I was always wondering how boys piss in the bathroom. No-no, I know how, but I wanted to say where! And now I know it - straight in the glass, and not in the sink (what a poor habit, all you nasty guys out there who piss in the sink! Stop doing it! It's awful!). The name of this boy pissing is Misha and he prefers to take a pee in the bathroom, not in a toilet. He usually goes there, locks the door, takes the glass and starts his job. His urine is so clean and yellow, it makes me wanna look at it hour after an hour! He is so cute and he has such an amazing dark hair that it making me want to come close and to stroke it a little bit! And those black panties! Ah, what a boy pissing! Whoa! He's like a pee champion for me! Don't miss this one.

Amateur Boy Pissing delivers the 100% real thing!

We at Amateur Boy Pissing are total twink peeing freaks ourselves. We mean, nothing beats the feeling of being there when sexy fresh-faced boys explore the erotic joys of pissing. So, we assume you are into it as well, and that's why we aim to deliver the highest level of engagement and enjoyment possible. Check our samples to see what it's all about!

Amateur Boy Pissing brings together lovely boys never been on camera before plus outrageously kinky pee play, mostly in the open, and true HD video experience. Filmed up close, their wieners are making the sexy wee-wee!!

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The blue pee panties and theirs apprentice

Imagine the next situation. What if you want to piss and you are in the living room? Fortunately (or unfortunately?) there is nobody there. Nothing's wrong with that. Just take a big bottle and start. You can move the foreskin from your glans and let the urine flow! Yeah, straight there, in the bottle! You haven't to stay in the same room though! You can relocate yourself to the bathroom, stand there a little bit and then to finish your urine job in the sink. Not very good but who cares! It's not your job to wash it! And the cool thing about this guy is his awesome blue panties. Oh! They make me wanna go use the restroom myself. Tell me, are those a pee panties or something? I guess they are. They emphasize this penis and make us enjoying it again and again. What an action. What an actor. And what a panties!

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Believe us, it will surely get wet here!

One thing leads to another, and these boys end up rock hard from their pervy pee play. You end up with a stone-stiff boner yourself! The tension gets too serious to be ignored. Watch as our boys will relieve themselves! It's all watersports fun and pee play inside Amateur Boy Pissing. Don't you wanna take a leak with the boys already?

We love our twinks sexy, natural, and willing to experiment. We also love our videos full length and in HD. S'pose it's the same with you!

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In the park before the dark Denis pees like a shark

Oh, here is Denis. He loves to pee in the park. You don't know why? Well, nothing criminal. He is interested in biology almost ten years now and had read somewhere that it is very good for the plants and flowers to be poured by some fresh hot urine! From that point of view what can be better than boy peeing in the park? Yeah, he goes to the park specially for that! He gets there, walks to the area where there are many plants and no people, steps on the warm long grass and take his penis out of his pants. The rest you can see here. I can't really tell is it really that healthy for the plants, but it is very exciting for sure! Maybe I should try to pee in the park too! And what about you? Still don't want it? Well, maybe this video will change your mind.

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